How Do I Know if it’s Time to Replace My Sails?

When To Replace My Sailboat’s Sails? Sails are a crucial component of your sailboat, impacting both performance and safety. However, they don’t last forever and knowing when it’s time to replace them can be tricky. In this article, we’ll discuss the key indicators that signal it’s time to invest in new sails, ensuring your sailing […]

Do New Sails Make a Difference?

Do New Sails Make a Difference? As a sailor, you may often ponder the impact of investing in new sails for your boat. Do they really make a difference? The answer is a resounding yes! New sails can significantly improve your boat’s performance, including speed, sailing angle, and heel angle, making your sailing experience faster […]

How Much Do New Sails Cost?

How Much Do Sails Cost? One of the most common questions among sailing enthusiasts, whether they’re seasoned sailors or new to the water, is: “How much do new sails cost?” The answer, like many things in sailing, depends on several factors, including the size of your boat, the type of sail, and the materials used. […]

Dacron – Shape vs Durability

When is a dacron sail the best for you? What is the difference between just a sail and a proper shape, and why it should matter to you.

Membranes vs Laminates

What’s the difference between membranes and laminates? Which one should you choose?

Mylar Sails Explained

Mylar Sails Aren’t So Scary Ask any sailor who raced on boats during the mid-1990’s or early 2000’s about mylar sails and they are sure to tell you about the horrors of that cursed material. Sails disintegrating before your eyes, endless taping of holes, and worst– the unbearable crinkling sound a delaminating sail makes as […]

Woven vs Laminated vs Membrane cloth, what’s the difference?

Material Construction Woven vs Laminate v Membrane For centuries, organic materials like cotton, wool, and hemp propelled ships across oceans into new territories. These traditional sails remained largely the same until the 20th century when sailmakers began experimenting with woven synthetic materials like Dacron that proved to outlast and out-perform the textiles of old. Today, […]

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