How Much Do New Sails Cost?

How Much Do Sails Cost? One of the most common questions among sailing enthusiasts, whether they’re seasoned sailors or new to the water, is: “How much do new sails cost?” The answer, like many things in sailing, depends on several factors, including the size of your boat, the type of sail, and the materials used. […]

Understanding Sail Declarations for ORC Rating Certificates

As the days grow longer and sailing season approaches in northern climates, it’s essential to tackle the paperwork before the rush begins. Among the confusion surrounding sail declarations on rating certificates, particularly for ORC, it’s crucial to clarify what needs to be declared. While other systems like IRC and ORR share similar rules, there are […]

What I learned Racing Super Yachts

The furler was slowly unwinding the genoa as the 500-ton boat wallowed struggled to accelerate out of the tack. A passing squall was rapidly accelerating an equally large starboard-tacked boat towards us, and it became apparent that we were not going to make the cross. Time seemed to stand still as our tactician needed to […]

Using the Sail Builder: Selecting Sailing Areas and Usage

Location, Location, Location… Our sails are optimized for wherever your adventures on the water may take you. If you plan to stay close to shore, your sails will have light-weight seams, efficient reinforcements, and minimal corner attachments all in the name of saving weight for easier hoisting and effortless handling. For those headed offshore, sails […]

Choosing an Asymmetrical Spinnaker

Choosing the right spinnaker doesn’t need to be confusing!  It’s important to remember that the names given to the different cuts (A1, S2, etc.) are a rough guide and each sail is purpose built for the boat and intended use.  Sails using an “S” or “A” signifies whether the sail is a symmetrical or asymmetrical […]

How to Choose the Right Size Genoa

Quick Guide for Genoa Sizing In this article, we’ll take a look at finding the right genoa size for boats with overlapping headsails. If your boat does not have overlapping headsails, head over here (insert link) for more information. To help determine if your boat was designed for overlapping or non-overlapping headsails, click here (insert […]

Guide to Jib Sizing

Quick Guide for Jib Sizing We’re looking at jib sizing for boats with non-overlapping headsails in this article. If your boat has overlapping headsails, head over here (link) for more information. To help determine if your boat was designed for overlapping or non-overlapping headsails, click here (link) For Racing Choosing the proper jib size can […]

Unlocking the Loophole: Code Zero Mid Girth Explained

Code Zeros, initially exploiting a rule loophole, have transformed into a distinct class of sails, revolutionizing the world of boat racing. This category encompasses a wide array of shapes and sizes, each holding the key to unlocking a range of performance benefits. Let’s explore the world of Code Zeros, examine how tweaking their dimensions can […]

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