How Much Do New Sails Cost?

How Much Do Sails Cost? One of the most common questions among sailing enthusiasts, whether they’re seasoned sailors or new to the water, is: “How much do new sails cost?” The answer, like many things in sailing, depends on several factors, including the size of your boat, the type of sail, and the materials used. […]

Welcome to 180 Sails was built to revolutionize the way you buy sails. We took an entirely differnt approach to designing, building, and quoting sails. Now you can build and quote sails instantly with expert recommendations on materials based on the way you sail! Gone are the days of having to submit information and wait for an email […]

Dacron – Shape vs Durability

When is a dacron sail the best for you? What is the difference between just a sail and a proper shape, and why it should matter to you.

Membranes vs Laminates

What’s the difference between membranes and laminates? Which one should you choose?

Using the Sail Builder: Selecting Sailing Areas and Usage

Location, Location, Location… Our sails are optimized for wherever your adventures on the water may take you. If you plan to stay close to shore, your sails will have light-weight seams, efficient reinforcements, and minimal corner attachments all in the name of saving weight for easier hoisting and effortless handling. For those headed offshore, sails […]

Guide to Jib Sizing

Quick Guide for Jib Sizing We’re looking at jib sizing for boats with non-overlapping headsails in this article. If your boat has overlapping headsails, head over here (link) for more information. To help determine if your boat was designed for overlapping or non-overlapping headsails, click here (link) For Racing Choosing the proper jib size can […]

Using The Sail Builder: Sliders Explained

How To Use Our Online Sail Builder Sliders Overview Listed below are four variables that make selecting the right material for your sail fast and easy. Rather than scrolling through the hundreds of cloth options, we’ve simplified the process so all you have to do is consider what factors are most important and rate them […]

How To Use Our Website to Buy Sails Online

How To Use Our Website to Buy Sails Online Thanks for choosing powered by Evolution Sails – Chicago to make your sail purchase online. We are the first ever to introduce the concept of selling a sail completely online (or purchasing your sails directly online instead of through an in person sailmaker). We think […]

Descriptions of Asymmetrical Spinnaker Types

Which Spinnaker is Right for You? Choosing the right spinnaker doesn’t need to be confusing! It’s important to remember that the names given to the different cuts (A1, S2, etc.) are a rough guide and each sail is purpose built for the boat and intended use. Sails using an “S” or “A” signifies whether the […]

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